Monday, May 4, 2009

SOO Happy

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYY!! Today my mom dropped a hint that my best friend who moved away to Dallas (okay so it's still in the same state, but it is so very far when you don't have a car.) and i almost fainted, right then and there. i can only write gibberish to express my feeling of tear-inducing joy!!!! dfofhfoshobdafoabfoaeYAYskihfosdgoabgapg!

on a different note:

The Corpse Bride-I am so very in lub with Tim Burton
this could have possibly been the inspiration behind below.

Do you like my impromptu Wedding Dress?
It came out of me rummaging in the good ole' closet, and finding my mother's horrid Private-All-Girl High School Graduation Dress and pinning up the top layer up.
I love them. With my whole heart. All of it. 

Vintage Dress & Shoes, 2 yards of white tulle :)

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  1. You seem to love tim burton ! I also do, he is a really unique film director ... nice picture with the white tulle and the red rose !^^

    Lady diaphane